September 2018 – Rick Szilagyi, Principal

In a time of essentially zero unemployment, the burden open positions place upon your organization may make it a challenge to think outside the box. But now is the best time to do so.

One of the cited articles for this summary states that 95% of the people organizations want to hire are not looking for a job. Another states that niche roles in specialty industries (nonprofit management?) may further narrow the pool of potential candidates. Maybe now is the perfect time to think outside the box. Maybe now is the perfect time to think more strategically about your efforts to satisfy needed human capital.

For a jumping-off point, looking just at semantic comparisons of recruitment versus talent acquisition, recruitment is comparable to short-term efforts: looking to quickly fill an open slot with a specific set of requirements, using tactical approaches such as running ads, hiring recruiters, etc.

Talent acquisition, on the other hand, is more strategic. It is a more long-term effort: keeping your eyes open for specialists and leaders who are going to help the organization reach goals and achieve its mission. One of the articles below explains how utilizing the strategic benefits derived from a talent acquisition approach causes you to look at the whole company or organization, rather than forcing you to remain focused on one specific open chair the way traditional recruitment does. Talent acquisition may also result in more long-term solutions than the traditional efforts in recruitment.

Below are four articles that delve much further into the issues:

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