October 2020 – Carly McDonough, Marketing & Communications Coordinator

The new normal today is for days to be filled by Zoom Meetings and Webinars in place of in-person meetings. Although there are so many that your members and potential members can choose from, this is still a perfect opportunity for your organization to substitute for the in-person events and even create opportunity for new ones. Once you have your event topic, speakers, format and platform, you just need to get people to attend.

It is important to remember that the key for making your virtual event successful is consistent marketing. This goes for any event, but making sure your virtual event is easily accessible and posted on all social platforms, your organizations website, and a schedule of email broadcasts, to promote registration. Each time information is posted about the event, make sure that there is an active link to bring the member directly to the registration page.

Do not be afraid to ask for help! Your organizations sponsor and speakers would love to hear from you and help you promote your event. It is in their best interest to help increase the number of registrants.  

If creating a marketing strategy or keeping up with your plan is too much on your plate, lean on us! Lexian is more than happy to assist your organization with marketing and event management, whether online or in-person.

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