December 2020 – Carly McDonough, Marketing & Communications Coordinator

Recently, I have watched the number of registrants for virtual events decrease. This can be a result of people being on Zoom all day for their jobs and wanting time to decompress after a long day of Zoom or people losing interest in their organizations virtual events. Although your members might have “Zoom Fatigue”, this does not mean your organization should abandon the advantage of virtual events anytime soon.

Here are a few tips to help improve your organizations registration numbers for virtual events:

  • Member engagement: There are a few courses of action that member engagement can increase your registration numbers. One course of action is to create a poll on your organization’s social media account. Have your members vote for an event – this will show what your membership is interested in and will increase numbers to your virtual event. Another course of action is to promote an interactive virtual event. Using Q&A, polls and surveys during your virtual event will increase interest among registrants and will prevent drop-offs during the virtual event.
  • Increasing email marketing: According to a study done by Markletic, 76% of registrations were driven by email. To ensure that email marketing positively impacts the registration for your virtual event, make sure to stand out from the crowd. Your organization is not the only one using email marketing to target your audience for webinars. Producing an email marketing campaign that is visually pleasing and easy to understand is important to increase registration. If the information is not easily available for potential registrants to access, they’re going to move on to their next email.
  • Offer incentives: Incentives are a great way to encourage people to register for virtual events. Using an incentive to promote your virtual event will not only increase the number of registrations, but will increase the number of actual attendees. When using an incentive to promote your virtual event, make sure to note that attendance is required to receive the incentive. For example, one of our clients conducts a contest based on attending their continuing education sessions. The member who attends the most sessions, wins a free ticket to that association’s annual conference. Incentives like this one are a great way to improve registration numbers and provide motivation to the registrants to join the virtual event.

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