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Lexian Management Associates
Lexian Management Associates
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Association Management Company (AMC)

Traditionally, associations and other nonprofit organizations hire an executive director and staff, rent or purchase office space, buy equipment and software, purchase phone and Internet services, and manage their own assets. That model can work for associations with abundant cash.

The Association Management Company (AMC) - A Cost-Effective Model

For non-profits operating on a limited budget, as local and regional nonprofits frequently do, Lexian provides a cost-effective solution.

Broad Expertise

In addition to being cost-effective, our model gives the non-profit access to expertise over a wide range - eliminating searches to produce a hardcopy newsletter… provide e-marketing for events… or the need to look elsewhere for sophisticated financial reporting. Lexian can provide all of these services, and by leveraging technology, these services can include your organization's incoming calls answered in our office. Your calls come in over dedicated lines and are answered with the name of your organization.