November 2019 – Lauriane Lebrun, Marketing & Communications Coordinator and Rick Szilagyi, Principal

It’s Thanksgiving time again!  Which means you’re probably overwhelmed by thoughts of travel plans and grocery shopping at the moment.  Amidst all the holiday hustle and bustle, we hope you can take a few moments to reflect on what you’re grateful for… starting with the Gratitude List especially for nonprofit board members.

  1. The nonprofit blogs that are always there for you when you need to commiserate with an Internet stranger who really understands – especially this epic compilation of nonprofit blogs from Wild Apricot.
  2. Conference call board/committee meetings – where the dress code doesn’t require taking off your bunny slippers.
  3. Remembering to turn off your camera whenever you do show up to a conference call meeting in your PJs.
  4. This extremely relatable video, while we’re on the topic of conference calls.
  5. The person who supplies the ultimate necessities for your in-person board/committee meetings: coffee and pastries.
  6. You know when people text to say they can’t make it just as a board meeting is beginning?  The opposite of that.
  7. Achieving quorum in spite of #6.
  8. Whenever someone says, “I want to volunteer,” and then actually volunteers!
  9. The bragging rights that come with being on the Board of Directors… not that you’d ever let it go to your head, of course.
  10. That one other person on the board who keeps you sane. 

From all of us at Lexian, we wish you, your family, and your Board of Directors a very happy Thanksgiving!

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