September 2019 – Lauriane Lebrun, Marketing & Communications Coordinator

The Lexian E-News team is pleased to continue our Board Member Spotlight series by introducing Kerrin Gullison, President of the New Hampshire Occupational Therapy Association

Kerrin’s involvement with NHOTA all started with… well, a lunchbox.  “I ran into a former professor at a UNH alumni event,” Kerrin recalls.  “She encouraged me to join the NHOTA, and offered me a free OT lunchbox if I joined.  I still use it every day at my occupational therapy job.”

Now, Kerrin serves as President of the NHOTA and loves the opportunities her board role has presented.  She enjoys networking with other OTs and being involved in the providing of continuing education courses through the organization.  “I have learned SO MUCH!  I also never viewed myself as a leader until I took on more responsibilities with the board’s support.”     

Her advice for people looking to get involved with a nonprofit volunteer board?  “Start by being a cheerleader for the organization,” she suggests.  “Spread the word about what the organization provides and then work your way up to simply asking, ‘What else can I do?’”

Regarding the NHOTA Board’s collaboration with Lexian, Kerrin says she appreciates having a team of “active participants who support the organization’s mission” to turn to whenever she and the rest of the board need assistance.  “Lexian helps in every aspect of our organization.  They help us look professional, they help us organize and advertise events, they help us organize data to make informed decisions (especially when it comes to revenue and decreasing costs), they help maintain legal paperwork and assist us with developing and following guidelines through our organization’s Policy and Procedures and Bylaws, and they manage complex aspects of our organization like membership and website needs.  When Lexian is involved, you can make progress toward your goals in a short amount of time.”

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