January 2020 – Rick Szilagyi, Principal and Lauriane Lebrun, Marketing & Communications Coordinator

The Association of Retiring Dentists (ARD) is a 501(c)(4) New Hampshire-based nonprofit organization working to educate dentists about transitioning their lives into action-oriented, productive retirement.  By offering opportunities for dentists of all ages to share their personal and professional stories with one another; volunteer their accumulated skills, resources, and talents to those in need; and establish mentor-mentee relationships, the ARD helps dentists maintain the sense of purpose and relevance that is so often lost in retirement.    

In addition to assisting dentists through the mental, physical, emotional, and financial aspects of the retirement process, the ARD also provides educational opportunities and resources, including seminars at their Annual Meeting and blog posts on their website.  Information is made available to members on various topics, such as selling a dental practice, finding employment/volunteer opportunities, and money management for retirement.  Members are also encouraged to start their own small discussion groups.

The ARD’s most recent Annual Meeting, held in October 2019, was a full-day event that included a fantastic presentation and interactive session with Steve Vernon, F.S.A., author of the book, Retirement Game-Changers: Strategies for a Healthy, Financially Secure and Fulfilling Long Life.  Mr. Vernon discussed how to avoid the most common retirement planning mistakes; explained how to answer the hardest and most important questions regarding finances, health, and lifestyle; and reviewed practical information and strategies.

Another recent example of the work done by the organization is a compilation of data by the ARD’s President, Neil S. Hiltunen, D.M.D.  Over the past few years, Dr. Hiltunen had many conversations with dentists relative to their experience selling their practices, and he created a survey so non-anecdotal data regarding the seller experience could be compiled, along with recommendations to other dentists who will face that challenge in the future.  For example, after the sale, only 66% of survey respondents stated that there were no surprises.  The results of this survey are available to members of the organization, an example of the value the organization offers to its members.

To learn more, please visit the Association of Retiring Dentists website.

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